Health benefits for Perilla

Perilla or Korean perilla are common names for Perilla frutescens which is an annual plant from Southeast Asia, India and Japan natively. It can be considered as a source of protein and fat for human and animal. 

There are popular common names  for  perilla such as Chinese basil, Beefsteak plant, Green-leaved perilla, Rattlesnake weed, Perilla, Rattlesnake weed, beefsteak mint, Wild coleus, purple perilla, Wild sesame,

purple perilla, blueweed, Shrubby perilla, Joseph’s coat, Shiso, Ji Soo, Purple Shiso, Wild Red Basi and Bicolor Shiso.

Genus takes his name from Latin word pera which means wallet or bag referring to the fruiting calyx.

Description of Plant

Perilla can be defined as an erect, annual plant with freely branching, has herbal medical and aromatic features. It has growing rate of 60–90 centimetres (24–35) tall.

It grows in rocky woodlands, edges of springs and the rivers bar. It has the ability to grow in different kinds of soil even in the kinds that contain loam, sand, and gravel.

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The leaves of the Perilla are simple with decussate opposite direction, they are 7–12 centimeters tall with width 5–8 centimeters.

The leaves are decreasing in size gradually from bottom to top. The leaves have color of green with occasional touches of purple at the underside of the leaves.


 The flowers of Perilla are held as pairs along the stalk, the inflorescence has the villose corymb shape and grow from the leaf axils or terminally at the late summer season. 

The flowers are small in size and take the shape of the bell, it also has a white or purple colour.


There are 4 subglobose nuts-lets 1-2 mm in diameter that follows the fertile flowers for the Perilla. They have netted surface with grey-brown to black-brown colour. 

The seeds of the Perilla are soft or hard, with white, grey, brown, and dark brown colour. It has a globular shape. The weight of 1000 seeds about 4 grams (0.14 oz.). The seeds of the perilla contain 38-45% lipid.

Health benefits for Perilla

Let us illustrate some benefits of perilla:

1.   Lowers Cholesterol

Perilla seeds help in lowering Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), also known as “bad cholesterol” and raising High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL),

also known “good cholesterol” and that would lead to preventing heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer and atherosclerosis.

2.Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

 The superb ratio of healthy fats which exists in perilla plays a vital role in preventing heart disease and keeps blood vessels healthy. It prevents them from being hard and prevent accumulating plaque.

Antioxidants in which exists in the perilla prevent the oxidation process of cholesterol in your food also keep cholesterol outside arteries since accumulating them has serious consequences.

3.   Good for the brain and anti-Depressant

Perilla Seeds has powerful antioxidant properties. It has a great effect on the dopamine centers in our brain which makes you feel better and happier. Moreover, it optimizes brain function and memory functions.

The University of Maryland declared that ALA can be found the seed of perilla which is useful in depression.

4.   Enhance the immunity

This herb contains compounds recognized to be promoting immunity health.

5.   Reduce stomach Pains

Leaves of perilla contain flavonoids which relieve the stomach discomfort such as: bloating, nausea and the passage of gas.

The oil of the perilla can reduce inflammation in the stomach and that leads to enhancing digestion whilst and decreasing the effects of indigestion.

6.   Reduce Oxidative Stress

Some health nightmares which are related to oxidative stress and they exist from arthritis to cancer. When there are excessive amounts of free radicals in the body, Oxidative stress happens.

Perilla provides wiping out those excess free radicals. Thus, perilla is able to prevent oxidative stress matters.

7.   Cancer

Perilla seeds contain powerful antioxidants which are able to prevent the growth of cancer cells and that was proved in laboratory settings.

This means that consuming large amounts of antioxidants daily shrinks/ reduces the chances of having cancer.

 8. Protection against Cavities

Perilla leaves and Seeds contain lots of Luteolin which is able to reduce dental cavities and that was discovered by Japan’s Asahi University where in Perilla seeds and leaves has been found to stop detrimental bacteria in the mouth.

9.   Works as Sun Shield

Applying perilla leaves to the skin prevents sunburn, it can be taken as a decoction and they prevent sunstroke and warts.

10. Enhance stomach and intestinal discomforts

Perilla leaf contains important components for this function such as flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, and caffeic acid. Research proved that perilla helps in bloating, rumbling, the passage of gas.

It also makes you feel full after taking prokinetic. It has the ability to strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter which means preventing acid reflux. It decreases cramping and works as an antispasmodic.

11. Good for Pain and Inflammation

Fatty acids in perilla work well for those who have achy and swollen joints since beneficial fats support the joints. The fats protect the joints from pain and inflammation.

12.   Works well for Asthma, Colds, Allergies, and Bronchitis

There are some materials that exist in perilla seeds which are useful in healing the respiratory tract and help to easy breath. Perilla seeds contain lots of luteolin, alpha-linolenic acid, quercetin which works well for the respiratory tract, it also helps for easy breathing.

An essay called “International Archives of Allergy and Immunology” proved that treating with perilla seeds for 4 weeks is great for increasing lung capacity.

13. Great for infection or swelling

Perilla is known by containing rosmarinic acid that is considered prime compound which helps to prevent swelling and skin allergies.  Extracting the perilla leaves prevents such problems.

14. Ideal for Problem Skin

Perilla Oil is great to skin problems and used in cosmetics. It contains inflammatory qualities, antioxidants, antibacterial which makes it able to retain more water in the skin.

It is also wonderful for acne, healing rashes and helps to remove wrinkles and gives youthful shiny skin.