How Will Your Body Response if You Stop Eating Bread!

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Some facts about bread:

Bread represents 20% of the total quantity of calories consumed in the world, and this is a huge number compared to the variety of food we have.

White bread is an essential food in a western diet; some families consume bread with every meal in the day.

Bread is the ‘‘food for life’’, every restaurant in the world provides a bread basket on each table, and sometimes for free.

Even though consuming bread won’t cause a problem, especially if it is homemade with whole grains, it is highly recommended to avoid processed bread as much as you can. 

Stop consuming bread for one month and you will clearly observe the great effects on your body.

You will get more energy and you will have a better daily life; this may seem unbelievable but the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

   1-You will lose some weight

The first thing your dietitian will advise you is to quit consuming refined white bread. As everyone on a diet must know, bread is one of the biggest enemies of weight loss.

Bread contains a high level of refined carbohydrates, which make your body save water weight (every 1 gram of carbohydrates binds up to 3-4 grams of water), and that is what makes you feel fat and stuffed.

Once you stop eating bread, you will start losing weight fast, notably around your waist, because refined grains are mainly responsible for gaining abdominal fat.

From now on, you will feel better about how you look!

   2-you will get more and more energy

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being exhausted or sleepy after eating some meals.

Gluten, the specific protein found in wheat, is the source of the problem. During its digestion, wheat floods your bloodstream with sugar that comes from bread. As a result, this increases sugar levels in your blood, which in turn, causes a quick rise in insulin levels and that’s what makes you feel the need to sleep.

If you stop eating bread, you will not experience such feelings again; on the contrary, you will feel more excited, full of energy and attentive all day long.

3-You will feel less hungry

During the manufacturing process, refined wheat becomes deprived of any nutrient-rich wheat bran and germ. With the help of the starchy endosperm of the bread, the refined wheat is easily digested and converted into glucose.

As a result, this will boost your energy levels; however, since your body does not get any nutrition or fiber from consuming bread, and since the levels of glucose in your blood are declining, you will crave more and more.

For this reason, giving up on bread will prevent you from craving sugar and junk food all day long.

Instead of eating bread, it is highly recommended to replace it with fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, which will keep you full while waiting for the next meal.