Is eating While Standing up Bad for us?

Eating while standing, sitting, or even lying down is all the time a critical topic to discuss by experts. For example, in ancient Rome and Greece, eating while lying down was a popular thing to do.

Nowadays people tend to eat while they are standing for many reasons such as they are in a hurry or to fit counter a sedentary office job.

Anyway, the experts have proven that eat while they are standing can be unfavorable to digestion and may cause obesity because it makes people eat even more.

This article will explain the side effects of eating while standing up and what the other preferred posture for eating.

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How your posture can affect your digestion?

You should be careful about the posture you take while you are eating because it can extremely effect on your ability to digest and it also can affect your stomach health.

When you choose to eat while you are sitting or lying down, the food can empties slowly from the stomach, but if you decide to eat while you are standing up the food will empty fast from your stomach,

the scientists are still working on figuring out the exact reasons for that but they likely see the gravity has a significant role in causing that.

Some academic studies were done on 24 women, scientists have divided them into two groups, the first group was given food which consisted of (protein, fiber, fat, and carbs) while the other group was given the same food with the same nutrients.

the scientists were watching the two groups of women eating the given food, then after a while, they figured out that the first group who was lying down took an extra 20 minutes compared to the other group of women who were eating while they were standing.

Some other scientists performed another experiment on the speed of digestion, the experiment was done on four men who were eating on different postures.

the result comes to ensure that the speed of digestion become the fastest ever when people eat while they are standing and the speed of digestion become the slowest when people eat while they are laying down.

The experts spent time thinking about comparing between the different postures;  and what is the best posture you should be on while you are eating,

so that they thought that the direct comparison between the different postures would help them in putting their hands on the best posture.

They compared the side effects of sitting and standing after a meal, the people who stood the rate of their digestion was faster than those who sat while they were eating. The difference was five minutes. Although the time was not significant but still considerable.

The eating posture you take, whether standing, laying down or sitting has a significant effect on how quickly your digestion rate goes.

The digestion process is a vital process for any human.

If the human did not have a normal digestion process; he might have cramps in the stomach, which can effect on his physical and mental abilities.

Eating while you are standing can cause obesity

Many people think that standing while eating may assist in losing more weight than sitting while eating.

Despite that standing up can help you in burning approximately 48 more calories per hour than sitting, this is not an urgent need enough to make a difference over time.

Many people around the world have their meals quickly, so they prefer to eat while they are standing because of the world we live in is fast, due to this speed in eating the best score of burning for calories is about 12–25 extra calories.

From the opposite side, having a meal while you are sitting is more likely to decrease the speed at which you eat, probably minimizing the number of calories you have inserted to your body.

Many studies which were done around the world have suggested that people who eat slowly have great chances to have a decreased appetite and significant feelings of fullness.

The slowing eating can reduce the number of calories anybody can consume this ends up with saving people from obesity and over-weighting.

sitting down to have a meal has great benefits not only for your physical part but it is also beneficial for your mental part as sitting down makes your brain realize that you are having a real meal not just a snack

so your brain does not ask after a while for another meal that can keep you away from obesity.

Makes you feel Bloating

Sometimes if you stand while you are eating, you will not get the desired digestion for your food.

the science can explain this, the reason why feeling Bloating after having a meal while you were standing is due to the air you got during the meal and this lead to increase the amount of air and gases in the stomach.

You want to hear more! Well, the more your back becomes straight, the more your stomach digestion becomes better.

People who are struggling with gas and bloating from undigested food also does not have any tolerance for lactose.

The benefits of eating while you are sitting down

 Sitting Down can improve your Mindfulness which is an essential element of every meal.

Many studies have shown that performing mindfulness during meals assists you in having more delight while eating and minimize the possibility of having a desire for having more meals.

To get the most of mindful eating, you should pay attention to the experience you are in and become more focused on eating this helps your mind to make you feel full-fill for a long time.

Many people around the world wonder which posture is the best to have while eating, some people like to eat while they are standing because they usually are in a hurry,

and others like to eat while they are lying down on their bed. Both positions are not the best for the proper digestion.

After many studies, the experts have suggested that having a meal while you are sitting down is the best posture for you.